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The Kitchen Trends Coming in 2024!

If you are planning to upgrade your kitchen in 2024, whether its small changes or a major renovation then you’ll want to be aware of the latest trends and what’s popular.

Kitchen trends change quickly and styles come and go, so when you are renovating and spending a large amount on your dream kitchen, you want a design that is built to last, both practically and aesthetically. So, here are our top 10 kitchen trends for 2024:

1. Cabinet colours

If you aren’t planning a full kitchen renovation, but are wanting to make small changes with a big impact, then painting your cabinets is a good and affordable option. Kitchen cabinets take up a lot of visual space, so you need to pick a colour that you love, or suits the aesthetic of your kitchen.

It is also to be noted that all white kitchens are going out of fashion, however light colour and neutral colours are growing in popularity and will be modern for years to come. Dark kitchen cabinets with a light work surface are also common and will be popular in 2024, they are also guaranteed to give a timeless look to any kitchen.

blue kitchen draws

2. Marble and stone

Natural and durable materials like marble are heavily used in counters and flooring. White marble is trending for 2024 due to its beautiful shine and design, however this material is prone to showing imperfections from day to day use, but this shows the life of a kitchen.

Stone is a growing material choice as it’s natural, low maintenance and provides a pleasing appearance that works alongside a range of designs, paint colours and textures.
bespoke kitchen with marble worktops

3. Induction

Induction hobs have been popular in Europe, and this is now spreading to the UK. Induction hobs and cookers are powered by electric and produce fewer fumes than gas cooking, this removes the need for an extractor fan and frees space for more cupboards or storage space.

Induction is also a great option if you have an old gas hob or cooker that is becoming less efficient and needs replacing. You will need to consider the energy efficiency rating when purchasing an induction cooker as these vary, and you may be able to purchase a more efficient one for a similar price.

modern kitchen with colour accents

4. Multipurpose kitchen islands

The kitchen island has been a popular trend for the past 7 years, and in 2024, this will continue. Kitchen islands are popular because they provide space for food prep, storage, cooking, eating and entertaining. It’s one of, if not, the focal point of a kitchen.

Multipurpose kitchen islands can be used for a range of activities such as food prep and serving up dishes. However, they can also include a seating area to turn the kitchen island into a breakfast bar or a space to simply fit and enjoy your new kitchen. The kitchen island trend is strong, and should be heavily considered if you are fully renovating your kitchen and layout.

modern kitchen with purple island

5. Floating

When you enter your own kitchen, or someone else’s kitchen, the cabinets and shelves can fill the room and make the space look heavy and bulky. Floating shelves and cabinets help remove this impression and create a kitchen that appears light, airy and spacious but has the same amount of cabinets.

Wood floating shelves are growing in popularity and are set to continue into 2024, however marble shelves are also going to take off over the next year. If you like to have open shelves with easy access to utensils and ingredients, then floating shelves may be one to consider for 2024.

6. Eco-friendly

Eco-friendly and sustainable kitchens are a trend for 2024 and will continue for much longer. The use of eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient appliances, water saving devices and improved recycling are being integrated into kitchens to help reduce their environmental impact.

Eco-friendly kitchens have the same appearance as traditional kitchens and do not compromise on quality. Materials used are still durable, built to last, and can be recycled when you decide to upgrade your kitchen.

bright kitchen space

7. Minimalist

This is an ongoing trend that also shows no sign of slowing down. A minimalistic design is timeless and provides you with a beautifully organised kitchen.

Clean lines, clutter-free spaces and handle-less draws are growing in popularity as they are sleek, uncluttered and provide a clean yet organised appearance every time. Storage and appliances can be fully integrated, so they don’t stand out or ruin the aesthetics of the kitchen. This is a strong kitchen trend for 2024 and won’t become out of style anytime soon.

8. Hidden appliances

Fridges, freezers and dishwashers can stand out like a sore thumb in your kitchen and ruin the appearance. However, if you purchase panel ready appliances you can create a custom door to the exact size of your appliance, which will blend in with the kitchen cupboard design to ‘hide’ your appliances.

Furthermore, to reduce clutter on your work surfaces, you could consider an appliance station. This is a small cabinet that homes smaller appliances such as a coffee machine, toaster and blender. These appliances can be bulky and take up valuable work surface space, creating a small cupboard for them that slides out with the appliances in place, helps finish a minimalistic kitchen design whilst also being clean and organised.

9. Flowing floors

Wood flooring in kitchens is a growing trend, this includes both hardwood and laminate, and it’s no surprise why. These floors are very durable, they are both heat and water-resistant and are warmer underfoot than tiles. Wood floors are easy to clean, making them perfect to mop up any spillages.

To create a high-end look, continuing the same flooring from the hallway into the kitchen gives a free flowing appearance and helps improve the overall flow of the main level of your house. This is also recommended if you have an open-plan kitchen, as it provides consistency across the floor and continues the design.

dark sleek modern kitchen with diner

10. Display units

Adding a little bit of personality to a kitchen can be tricky, but display cabinets and shelves can help with this. Open shelves are useful for displaying items such as cook books, guides, plates and mugs. A very popular choice is spice display units, this allows for all of your cooking spices to be displayed in an organised manner, so they’re easy to find, no more looking through the back of the cupboard for the one ingredient you need!

Display units can also have sentimental value too. You can display pictures of loved ones and pieces that have a meaning to you, your kitchen is your home, so display things that reflect you.

modern fitted kitchen with white worktops

Create your 2024 kitchen with Tara Neil

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