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New Kitchen Design Trends for 2023!

The kitchen is the heart of every home, so it is important to keep it looking good. If you are planning a kitchen update in 2023, there are some fantastic new trends that you could incorporate into your design.

Creative cupboards

Our kitchen cupboards are extremely functional, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be boring. Why not get a little bit creative with your cupboard designs and try something that stands out and looks a little different from the rest. We have already seen trends that use dark colours on cupboards, but you could also play with textures and finishes for something truly unique.

Stone slabs

Stone slabs are big news when it comes to kitchens in 2023. You could make them part of your worktop or splash back and don’t be afraid to have them wrapping around features or extending to the floor or ceiling. The wonderful thing about stone is the fact that each one will have its own colours and patterns, ensuring that no two stone features will be the same.

There is a big shift towards marble when it comes to your splashback as it can provide a sense of drama and depth and is a stylish alternative to tiles which is easier to clean and makes a big statement.

An island of colour

A kitchen island is already a standout feature, but now there is a great way to make it a stylish and modern centrepiece. Get your paint pots out and add some colour to the cupboards or sides of your island. It is a fantastic way to add a pop of colour to your kitchen and is particularly effective if the rest of the room is completely black or white. It is also a great way to venture into the world of kitchen colours for those who are not yet ready to add it to their whole room.

Go metallic

Metals can add a lot of style to your kitchen, but don’t feel that you have to stick to just one type. Combining bronze, brass and steel through your appliances, furniture and even light fittings can create a rich and modern look in your kitchen.

Low drawers

A lot of kitchen designers are now making more use of drawers instead of cabinets in their rooms. Putting drawers low down can offer some versatile storage options, and their ability to glide out actually makes it much easier to find things. Make sure you choose one that has a good sliding motion and look at the different storage options that can go within your drawers to keep them organised and practical.

Second spaces

Many homeowners are now adding second spaces to their kitchens in the form of utility rooms and sculleries. These not only provide much needed additional space, but also give you a place to hide items away so that you can be more creative with your kitchen designs.

Blue and green

Whilst a kitchen can be any colour, different hues of blue and green are set to be a popular trend again in 2023. These can be anything from gentle pastels to bold shades and give an instant wow factor to your kitchen. As they are classic colours, they can provide a modern look that will not go out of fashion in a hurry.

The kitchen is now a great place to express yourself through colour and different materials, so have fun creating a new look, whether it is a full revamp or just a few subtle changes.

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