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How to Create a Space of Calm During Self Isolation

Quite space near window with red cushion and candle

The process of self isolation, while necessary, is no easy task, and it only becomes more difficult the longer it goes on. It is therefore important, now more than ever, that you create a space of calm that allows you, or other members of your household, to achieve a sense of normality to prevent both physical and mental issues that can arise from a prolonged isolation period.

Have a dedicated area for work

Working from home during self isolation can be difficult due to the distractions in your household and your work and personal lives can often blend into one.

Having a dedicated area to work, whether that’s a home office, spare bedroom or just a quiet space in your house, can help to create the separation required to keep your work and personal life separate. Having a dedicated working area will also help you focus on the tasks for the day without the distraction prevalent throughout your home.

If you find yourself struggling to stay motivated, even in a dedicate work space, it can often help to improve the aesthetic of the area by adding pens, pencils and sticky notes to create an environment that feels more like an office or other work environment.

Clean living area with plants

Take regular breaks

Maintaining your normal life during a period of self isolation is impossible and your life can become overwhelmed with the same tasks whether that is work, cleaning or simply watching television for hours on end.

It is therefore recommended that you take regular breaks to prevent boredom and ensure your mental state remains positive. Taking breaks and completing a fun or calming activity can give you the boost of energy or motivation you may need to continue with your day.

It is important to remember that setting regular alarms to help remind you to take breaks can also be helpful as it is easy to become overwhelmed with a task.

Improve your space

One of the main issues with self isolation is the repetitiveness of seeing the same thing every day. Brightening up your home and changing the space can easily give you the lift to keep going during this difficult period and breaks the monotony of the isolation period.

Take note that improving or changing your space doesn’t have to be an expensive redesign of your kitchen or fitted bedroom and can be as simple as adding a painting, flowers or other piece of art, painting your walls or rearranging a room. The only limit when adapting your space is your imagination and having a space you feel comfortable in is essential during self isolation.

Remember that these are only a few suggestions on how to create a calm and relaxing space during self isolation and there are a variety of things you can do to make self isolation more bearable such as meditating, learning something new or taking up a new hobby and each individual will have a different method of getting through this difficult period.

Here at Tara Neil we understand how important it is to have a space you feel comfortable in and can create a range of bespoke bedrooms and fitted kitchens to leave you with your perfect space. Contact our team for more details or simply give us a call or email!