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Home Improvement Trends Of 2023 & Our 2024 Predictions

No we’re in 2024, we take a look at some of the top home improvement trends of this year and give our predictions of what we think this year is going to bring.


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Building A Greener Future for Homes

According to Pro Builder Mag 90% of homeowners who want to carry out home improvements in the UK are wanting to make their home more energy efficient and environment friendly as we aim to strive for a greener future.

A lot of homeowners have admitted they’ve chosen to make energy efficient home improvements to try to save money on bills due to the increase in costs. From solar panel installations to thermal insulation and biomass boilers to name a few have been among the most popular increases trades people have seen for home improvement in the UK, as they don’t only cut down on your costs, but also benefit the environment.

Has The Cost-of-Living Impacted Home Improvements?

The cost living crisis has had a big impact on many homeowners in the UK in 2023, home improvements included. As mentioned previously, people have been choosing to make home improvements that are not only more energy efficient, but also save money on their rising bills.

Another common trend we have seen in home improvements has been “part updates”. In an attempt to try and save money but give a new feel to a room within the home, people have been choosing to make minor changes rather than renovating their home, which can be seen as a direct impact of the rise in living costs.

“Part Updates” such as replacing bathroom tiles instead of a whole new suite, painting cupboard doors, replacing cupboard handles and even adding vinyl stickers to worktops to give a new look in the kitchen. Even painting a radiator can completely change the look of a room.

According to Thermosphere, the top reasons for choosing to do these minor changes are all to do with saving money due to the rising cost of living. Thanks to social media, people are finding new ways to be savvy, save money and transform their home without breaking the bank.

What Rooms Are People Renovating?

According to Inside Conveyancing the top home improvements have taken place upstairs. With loft conversions and walk-in wardrobes being amongst the most searched for home improvement projects.

This also reflects people’s desire to have more space especially during the pandemic when homeowners valued garden space over an additional bathroom, and needed to transform their spare bedroom into a functional home office.

Additionally, research has shown that a loft conversion can increase a property’s value by up to 20%, with square footage of the property being increased and adding appeal to potential buyers with the additional space.

Our Predictions For 2024

Continuing with building a greener future, we predict that eco-friendly home improvement trends will continue into 2024, and beyond, from water efficient appliances, minimal waste renovation such as shopping second-hand materials.

We also expect to see existing spaces being utilised more such as wasted space under stairs being turned into anything from a home office to even a downstairs toilet. A great way to expand and improve without adding to your footprint.

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