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5 Reasons to Choose Bespoke Furniture over Flat Pack

When you’re choosing new furniture for your home, your first instinct may be to head straight to the big box stores for flat-pack furniture. Flat-pack furniture certainly has its uses. For example, it can be the perfect choice for budget-friendly rental accommodation.

There are however several reasons why homeowners might find bespoke furniture a better option. Here are five of them.

open plan fitted kitchen with black dining table, large silver fridge and white cabinets and worktops

It can be sized to fit any space

Out of all the reasons to buy bespoke furniture, this is probably the one that resonates the most with the greatest number of people. No matter what type of home you live in, what age it is and what size it is, you probably need and want to maximise its usable space. If you do, then bespoke furniture is almost certainly your best option and probably by far.

With bespoke furniture, you can turn any space into a usable space. For example, the space under the stairs can become an office. A bay window can hold a window seat that doubles as a chest of drawers. A nook in the kitchen can hold a banquette that doubles as a storage chest.

Bespoke furniture in the bedroom can help you to store everything you need in it without making the space feel cluttered. This is often essential if the bedroom is to remain a restful place for sleep while also performing other functions.

The quality is higher

Flatpack furniture has to be light enough to be transported easily from the store to the end customer’s door. It also has to be made at a low enough cost to be profitable for everyone despite being sold at a relatively low price.

For both of these reasons, the preferred choices for flat-pack furniture tend to be MDF and plywood. Higher-quality flat-pack pieces may have real-wood veneers. A lot of flat-pack furniture will, however, just have a plastic coating. This may look quite like wood in photographs. In real life, by contrast, the difference is usually very clear.

The issue with low-grade materials is not just aesthetic. A lot of it is what has been dubbed “fast-furniture”. It essentially causes much the same issues as fast fashion. In other words, a lot of it is trend-led. Even when it’s not, it’s not expected to last. In fact, flat-pack furniture having a relatively short lifespan can be very useful for businesses in the sector.

modern fitted kitchen with marble effect countertops and fitted appliances

Choice of customisation options

There are two main reasons why people tend to value customisation options. The first is that customising a piece helps to ensure that it fits in with the overall aesthetic of a home. The second is that many popular items of flatpack furniture are instantly recognisable as such. This is because they are all over the internet, particularly social media.

There are certainly ways that you can customise flat-pack furniture. Realistically, however, the more you do so, the more sense it would probably have made just to have gone bespoke in the first place. Not only would it have been easier, but you would also have got better quality.

Ease of assembly

Some people prefer bespoke furniture because it saves them the pain of assembling flat-pack furniture (or paying someone else to do it for them).

It’s also worth noting that some bespoke furniture can be moved. Not all of it is fitted. When it is designed to be moved, it’s also designed to be taken apart and reassembled easily. Full instructions are provided and you can expect top-class after-sales support.

Overall value

Even though bespoke furniture carries a higher upfront cost, it generally lasts far longer than flat-pack furniture. This means that it offers much better overall value. What’s more, fitted bespoke furniture generally adds value to your home. Moveable bespoke furniture can be taken with you or sold.

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