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5 Eye-Catching Kitchen Trends for 2023

Spring is typically the season when people clean, maintain, and refresh their homes. Since the kitchen is a crucial part of most homes, it’s often the primary focus for an update. Therefore, this article provides an overview of the primary kitchen trends expected to be popular in 2023, including renter-friendly options.

kitchen diner with large island

Function first

Kitchens have always been hard-working areas. Now, it’s becoming increasingly common for kitchens to fulfil multiple functions in a home.

For example, in addition to being spaces to prepare and eat food, they often have to work as home offices and/or homework spots. They also tend to be places to socialise either with or without guests. In fact, having a place in a kitchen where people can enjoy socialising is now very likely to be a high priority for both homeowners and renters.

Putting all this together means that kitchen designers are now focusing heavily on putting maximum functionality into minimum space. This enables people to get the absolute most value from their kitchens.

An emphasis on custom solutions

While all kitchens serve a common function (or functions) each kitchen is as individual as its space and the people who use it. This reality has led to a growing emphasis on custom solutions.

In particular, there has been a growing trend towards custom worktops. Worktops play a huge role in both the functionality and the appearance of kitchens. For both reasons, it’s important to match the right worktop to the right environment. This means that going for a custom kitchen worktop is often by far the best option.

More use of smart technology

This trend should probably come as no surprise. The use of smart technology and, hence, automation has been growing for many years now. It’s now reached a point where it’s affordable enough to become mainstream in all areas of the home.

Blending of minimalism and maximalism

Overall, kitchens largely need to be minimalist. They are places where people routinely work with heat and sharp objects. At the same time, kitchens in homes are still very much part of the home. They are not pure workspaces as commercial kitchens are. This means that most people do prefer them to have some personality.

This is being reflected in an increasing willingness to mix traditional closed storage with open shelving. It’s also being seen in the growing use of colour and pattern, even bold colour, and pattern.

Advances in technology mean that it’s easier to make bold statements without committing to them in a huge way. For example, there are now affordable paints that cover tiles easily and peel-and-stick tiles that go on top of regular ones. These allow people, even renters, to update their kitchens in a way that can be changed easily.

Eco-friendly designs

Again, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Sustainability has been a growing concern in all areas of life for many years now. In kitchens, this is reflected in a strong preference for natural materials over synthetic ones. It’s also seen in a willingness to invest in technologies with strong sustainability credentials such as energy-efficient appliances.

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