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Accessible Kitchens

Accessible kitchens are designed to be wheelchair friendly and include a range of features such as low access handles, pull out shelving, pop-up sockets and remote control accessories, making them the ideal solution for everyone.

An accessible kitchen design should be tailored to the needs of its users and each space should be truly fit for purpose, using fundamental design principles to achieve the most inspiring space that encompasses safety, style and flexibility.

Why consider an accessible kitchen?

Accessible kitchens are beneficial for everyone, especially if your house is home to multiple generations. Some family members may require an extra hand around the house; mainly the kitchen, in order to prepare meals, complete chores and generally live a comfortable life without having to worry about height restrictions or difficult access points around the kitchen.

If you’re a multi-generational family, now is the perfect time to start thinking about adaptable, accessible kitchen designs that are wheelchair friendly and are designed to suit anyone living in the household.

How are wheelchair friendly kitchens different?

A kitchen is the heart of the home and so it’s incredibly important that everyone should have access to a beautiful kitchen that suits them.

Wheelchair friendly kitchens consider everything – including the kitchen sink! Within an accessible kitchen you can have confidence that the overall space has been considered not just the appliances within it.

This means that the space has to be clear enough for wheelchairs to be able to turn and manoeuvre with ease.

  • Electric hobs are advised over gas hobs to avoid coming into contact with naked flames.
  • Doors, handles and surfaces are installed to ensure they are easy to reach and open, without the need to lean over any appliance or surface; an oven door for example would slide open as opposed to ‘folding down’.
  • The Sink position would be installed around 125-130mm with the inclusion of more space underneath the sink due to a shallower bowl.

These are just some of the considerations included when designing an accessible kitchen and there are many more in which we can help you to include when creating your accessible kitchen.

If you would like to speak with our team on how to create your dream kitchen, get in touch by phone, email or by filling out our contact form.

Freedom Kitchens

We also supply Freedom Kitchens – an innovative collection designed by Adam Thomas (the UK’s foremost designer of accessible kitchens) that suit multi-generational households and are ideal for wheelchair users.

A Freedom kitchen is wheelchair friendly and effortlessly integrates new interior design trends with unsurpassed functionality. Here at Tara Neil we combine innovative design principles with expertly crafted cabinets, worktops and appliances to create a space that is both practical and pleasing.

Designing an accessible kitchen is a matter of looking for small details that will make a big difference. Features such as rise-and-fall worktops, sinks and hobs make the Freedom Kitchens work for everyone and also make them a great option for the disabled and the elderly.

Adam Thomas
adam thomas uk leading designer of accessible kitchens

Adam Thomas

Adam Thomas is the UK’s leading designer of accessible kitchens, with an unrivalled reputation for his innovative designs.

Adam set the standards for the industry. With over 35 years of personal experience alongside years of research,Adam has developed a set of specific design principles that can be applied to suit each individual’s requirements. His work has helped transform lives by empowering his clients with a sense of independence.

He has raised the bar for accessible kitchens to demand at they are both practical and stylish. Working in partnership with Adam Thomas Consultancy, Symphony has incorporated these design principles to develop a range of wheelchair accessible kitchens that are attractive, accessible and empowering.

For more information about our range of wheelchair friendly, accessible kitchens, please contact our expert team today.

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