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Accessible Kitchens

With house prices continuing to increase and the high cost of childcare and supporting older people, there is set to be an increase in multi-generational homes.

Multi-generational families consist of more than two generations living under the same roof and now is the perfect time to start thinking about adaptable kitchen designs that are able to suit everyone living in the house.

An accessible design should be tailored to the needs of its user. Each space should be truly fit for purpose, using fundamental design principles to achieve the most inspiring space that encompasses safety, style and flexibility.

Freedom Kitchens

We also supply Freedom Kitchens – an innovative collection designed by Adam Thomas (the UK’s foremost designer of accessible kitchens) that suit multi-generational households and are ideal for wheelchair users.

Features such as rise-and-fall worktops, sinks and hobs make the Freedom Kitchens work for everyone and also make them a great option for retirement.

A Freedom kitchen effortlessly integrates new interior trends with unsurpassed functionality. Combining innovative design principles with expertly curated cabinets to create a space that embraces warmth and personality.

Adam Thomas

Adam Thomas is the UK’s leading designer of accessible kitchens, with an unrivalled reputation for his innovative designs.

Adam set the standards for the industry. With over 35 years of personal experience alongside years of research,

Adam has developed a set of design principles that can be applied to suit each individual’s requirements. His work has helped transform lives by empowering his clients with a sense of independence.

He has raised the bar for accessible kitchens to demand that they are both practical and stylish. Working in partnership with Adam Thomas Consultancy, Symphony has incorporated these design principles to develop a collection of kitchens that are both attractive, accessible and empowering.

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