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A new kitchen is a great way to improve the look of your property, open up new possibilities, and potentially increase its value. A well-planned kitchen can also become a room that you and your family really love to spend time in. But getting it right will depend on a number of key sizes, measurements, and distances.

Planning a kitchen before the work begins

Long before you even arrange for builders to enter your kitchen you need to understand exactly what you want, the space around you and how you’re going to utilise your kitchen.

A good first step is to go through all your cupboards and throw away unused kitchen appliances, cutlery and other items that you simply do not use anymore. Not only will this clear your mind but you now have lots more room to play with and to plan with the items that you’re keeping.

Once you’re clutter free, try to imagine how you want to use your kitchen, where you want items placing etc. this can make it much easier to decide if you need a kitchen island or breakfast bar. A good tip to remember is to keep your cooker, hob and sink in a triangle for ease of movement and use.

Planning a Kitchen - Before the Work Begins

Kitchen Colours

When it comes to the colours of your kitchen, the psychology of kitchen design very much plays a part. Ensuring your kitchen has plenty of natural light will prevent the room from becoming dark and gloomy, even on the rainiest of days.

To keep your kitchen bright, naturally, light, white colours will brighten the room even more but that’s not to say you can’t have a pop of colour that can reflect shimmers and shades around the room. Pick a feature wall to display a textured backdrop or block colour.

Planning a Kitchen - Kitchen Colours

Worksurface and Appliance Heights

Many people never think about the height of their worktops and yet preparing food on surfaces that are too high or too low can be awkward and uncomfortable – in the long run it will not be great for your back either.

Appliance heights are also worth thinking about. For example, housing microwaves and grills at eye level in wall cabinets will save you from constantly bending down to inspect your soufflés.

Planning a Kitchen - Work surface and Appliance Heights

Position and Size of High Cupboards

Like worktop heights, there are a number of factors that you should consider when planning your wall units. Clearly if you are on not especially tall then wall units that start too high will be impracticable. Your kitchen designer should be able to show you the range of possibilities available so that the design is really tailored to you and the way you use your kitchen.

On the other hand, extending high cupboards right up to the ceiling can be a great way of gaining storage space if you are willing to keep a stepladder, stool, or Olympic rower (!) handy and to allocate that out-of-reach storage to occasional-use items and equipment.

Planning a Kitchen - Position and Heights of Cupboards

Extractor Fan

Distance between the hob and the extractor fan

An extractor fan has a very practical function and so needs to be set at a particular position relative to the hob. Manufacturer recommendations vary but most agree that the minimum distance between the hob and the lowest part of the extractor hood should be somewhere in the 650-750mm range. We also recommend checking the height of your ceiling as this may change the total distance.

Height of the extractor fan from the worktop

The height of extractor fans should also be high enough to prevent you from hitting your head when cleaning the hob or attending to bubbling pans.

If you want to avoid an extractor fan altogether and go for something a bit different then the bora range of cooktop extractors could be a great alternative and will really give your kitchen the wow factor.

Planning a Kitchen - Extractor Fan

Ready to create your perfect kitchen? Contact our team today for more information on planning, designing and installation. You can also visit our showroom in Reading where we have a range of kitchen designs to explore, including Classic Kitchens, Contemporary Kitchens, Laura Ashley Kitchens and even Tara Neil Bespoke Kitchens.

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